MATLAB and the Raspberry PI (An old document I dug up)

I wrote this document last year for a communications project and just found it while rummaging through some old files. Maybe it will be of use to some of you interested in advanced debugging of Raspberry Pi applications. You can take a look by clicking the link below.


An introduction from the document:

The purpose of this document is to describe the methods and benefits of using MATLAB and Simulink to analyze the physical inputs and outputs of the Raspberry Pi computer. This document is written at the level of a user who is familiar with basic electrical concepts but no exhaustive circuit’s knowledge is required. The reader should also be familiar with Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

In this guide python will be used as the scripting language since it is most commonly used for Raspberry Pi programming. Advanced knowledge of python is not required to understand this guide. A Raspbian Linux image provided by MATLAB for the Raspberry Pi will also be used. Installation and configuration is demoed under MATLAB R2013a but is similar for most versions and will be covered first.