Crazy Blooms

I know that this post is not consistent with the topic of my blog; however with gardening to be one of my relaxing hobbies, I am inclined to share it here. Gardening has been something I do in my spare time for the past 2-3 years of my life. Nothing extreme but I would usually grow whatever could fit on my cramped apartment porch.

Now while this post isn’t directly related to my usual technology centric posts, I am actually in the process of designing and building a programmable LED plant grow system! The details of which will of course appear here when it’s time. Here are some little tidbits of my upcoming project…

  • Between 120-200 w power output.
  • Microcontroller day/night programmable.
  • 40-70 3 Watt Leds!

I am currently still waiting on parts to come in but I plan to start the build within the next month so keep posted.

I currently have lemon and orange trees indoors during the cold summer here in Georgia. These trees are fairly young with the lemon tree being three years old and the orange tree being only two. But at such a young age, they wouldn’t be able to survive any kind of real deep freeze without serious damage. I did, however, leave them outside a few too many chilly nights before bringing them indoors. To my surprise, I think they have decided among themselves that is now spring and time to flower! I am excited to see what size crop they will yield.

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